Open your eyes…


On a business trip this morning in the plane I read a very interesting article, “How Successful People Find Opportunity” by Brian Parsley. His article speaks about how we live each day with a million missed opportunities that are potentially staring us in the face waiting for us to notice but we are entirely engulfed in the ‘rut’ of life.

He goes to explain his experience, which I will briefly take you through. He was employed by a company on contract to go and recruit a successful sales team that stood out in their performance and had what it took to shine in the customer service industry. In order to achieve this, in his sensible mind going to a shopping center was the right place to be; and naturally one would assume that would be where all the service superstar were to be found with all the retail stores and restaurants. However he quickly noticed that he was entirely wrong, not that any of them were rude, but they were blasé and transactional, nothing that really stood out, no passion, excitement or enthusiasm. After 3 hours of shopping he only managed to find two potential recruits.

He represented a huge opportunity, yet people are too ‘busy’ to look up and notice; think about how many potential opportunities you have missed in your life, how many potential clients have passed you by. These are all missed opportunities and this makes me sad; I have no doubt that at times (probably more than I put out), I have been too consumed to open my eyes and see something for more than it was.

open eyes

Imagine we change our perspective on life, imagine you are able to change the way you think about all the mundane daily ‘tasks’, imagine you are able to change the thing you once saw as a ‘task’ and are now able to see it as a new and exciting challenge. And you should, making something that is so seemingly meaningless actually meaningful is an art that everyone should consider taking up in life. This briefly goes back to my previous article ‘Meet me at 10:07am’ be SIMPLY different. Make something ordinary, extraordinary. This is simpler than seems, all we have to do is open our eyes and start thinking differently. Start getting excited about things, life is too short to hate everything that you do. Gosh, imagine everyday waking up and hating your life, then you are truly missing out on opportunities of all types. I promise you, life is not that bad.

So Brain Parsley goes on to giving us 2 simple steps to follow: (easy enough)


“Opportunities are everywhere. Most people look for a waving flag or a big in-your face billboard that says; ‘Hey you! Here is an opportunity!’ When they don’t get what they wanted or expected they blame it on bad luck or wrong place, wrong time”

Our society has made us lazy and ‘expectant’, we feel entitled and are stunned when we don’t land our bums in the butter. I say to hell with that! There are 6 billion people in this world, tell me what makes you so special, why should you be more noticed than the person sitting next to you? Is it because you have a prettier face or nicer accent. Wake up! Most things in life are subjective, but if you are able to be seen objectively as awesome, you are doing it right.

There is never a perfect time or place for an opportunity. I know we have been taught to create short-term and long-term plans for ourselves, write ‘to do’ lists and go on a hustle but what if an opportunity comes along that doesn’t fit in your short or long-term plan. Are you going to let that be missed because it doesn’t fit your timing, or are you going to grab it with both hands and make the best of it? Sometimes I believe that it comes down to ‘what’s meant to be will be’ so no matter how much you plan it will never go the way you expect. But then again, waiting around and not opening yourself to life, nothing will happen and what’s meant to be will not have the opportunity to knock on your door and present itself. You have to be active and engaging in life. You only have one life so make the most of it.

Opportunities are out there, everywhere, but sometimes they are hidden under the surface and in order to see them you need to change the way you think. Instead of hoping that opportunities will hunt you down, you need to be on high alert for them. We are creatures of habits and we tend to use our past experiences to predict the future, although NO ONE can predict the future. Your past experiences do shape the way you view the world (basics of cybernetics), so rather see the world in a positive light. Don’t let you past cloud your judgement. Live in the moment, be present and alert and view every encounter as an opportunity.


Persistence is key, the more I have heard speakers speak at presentations, and the more I encounter successful people, I realize that without being persistent you won’t get very far in life. So if you believe in something, get excited and chase that dream at full speed, and stopping for a wine break here and there is most certainly allowed. Remember there needs to be a balance between work and pleasure (Everything in moderation). BUT…

Following up is crucial, it shows interest and intent. And don’t follow up in a generic manner. Be different and memorable. As I said in my previous article it is the smallest of changes that can make you interesting and stand out. So in essence what everyone is doing, do it differently and do it better. How will you be remembered? Be genuine and interesting.

We as humans are simple creatures living in a fast paced life, with overwhelming amounts of technology to makes our lives simpler, yet more complex. But ultimately all we want is affection, appreciation and company. When a person helps you meet those basic needs, then there is an immediate attraction to that person. So when you are following up on a opportunity, be engaging and focus on the other person, they have already noticed and engaged with you so now return the favor. When you communicate in a way that connects with other people personally, you not only differentiate yourself but unlock the opportunities presented to you.

Begin today to be more approachable. Take all the positivity that you have and radiate it from the inside out to the world.

Be present and open up your eyes. If you take a second to look back at your life till this point in time you will realize that it actually flew past so quickly; so what moments stand out to you? Do you regret not doing something? Do you wish you could have changed something? Well, I am glad to inform you all that it is not too late, you still have a whole life in front of you so don’t live in the past live in today. Be happy, get excited even for the mundane things and I promise you things will start to turn around for the positive for you.

I was on a plane back home (while I wrote this) and I am excited.

It’s simply that complex…


Meet me at 10:07am


Part of my job has enabled me to listen to a few very interesting people speak at presentations. All fascinating characters, all so different and district. It’s amazing how they are actually all presenting the EXACT same presentation yet the value taken out of each is so fundamentally different. Just shows you that one thing spoken can have a multitude of interpretations, depending on a variety of influencing factors; from tone to context to personal experiences to mood. And if I had to really dissect it I would come to the conclusion that COMMUNICATION is more complex than it is perceived, especially when you have something that you need to say and want people to understand.

But before I go down a rabbit hole not meant for this post I want to share something so simple yet so enlightening. So here it is:

Meet me at 10:07am… Why 10:07am you ask? Well I won’t be there at 10:08am, as I am never late. I will arrive at 10:06am but our meeting starts at 10:07am.

You are probably reading this thinking, why on Earth would you set a bizarre time at 10:07am. And that is precisely why you would. Why conform to the norm? Wouldn’t you automatically remember someone more who bizarrely suggested an off-beat time? The answer should be yes, something so simple can create an anchor in someone’s mind as it is a distraction a difference in their minds from the things that they are accustomed to.

This resonated with me as I remembered a few years ago when I was an Au pair I had to do spelling tests with my girls (the good old simple days). And I always remember asking them 13 or 17 or 23 or 9 questions and never 10 or 15. Which they were accustomed to being asked at school. You are generally brought up doing spelling tests with an even number of words, mind you they like to keep it very standard with an even (rounded number) for everything. My girls use to think that this was fascinating and that I was slightly strange, which was fine, they loved me more for it. But here is the fascinating part. I simply made up random number as I was bored of the mundane, and because of this it was 9 times out 10 that on the last random number, is when they would actually recollect the word, that one extra time of saying it or writing it down, or mostly forgetting it made them remember it, as your mind is drilled into thinking in even numbers that when it is displaced and distracted on a few occasions that moment stands out in time and is remembered.

If you think back to your life, the moments that stand out the most are the ‘once in a life time’ kind of moments, the moments that don’t actually happen often and that is what makes it interesting. Now take this simple concept and apply it to your everyday life. How can you make your life more interesting and therefore the peoples around you lives more interesting? Everyone (and I do mean this in a generally format because I know not EVERYONE will read and agree but bear with me), again, everyone is on a quest to improve life and make it a little more entertaining. Sometimes we can’t afford the luxury of a travel distraction or are too scared to expose themselves to a new situation. But something as simple as changing a daily routine can reinvigorate your life, make you even see things in a differently.

Life is too short to push replay for 80% of it. Take a different route to work (how many of you are guilty of going into auto pilot finding yourself at your desk and asking yourself how did I get here), smile at a random person (its bizarre how something so simple and seemingly polite can make people feel so uncomfortable… strange humans we are), eat something different, speak to someone new, and most importantly don’t ‘try’ fit in. It is precisely your quirks that make you interesting and memorable, don’t hide it, be different and be proud of it as you ultimately will be happier for it.

See you at 10:07am…

It’s simply that complex.

Reflections on the good distractions


Most people love to dedicate the start of the year to a time of reflection, focus and direction, and rightly so. The start of a new year is the best time to close one chapter to start another, decipher what can linger on in the story, what needs to be removed and what needs to be introduced.

This was one of the first years that I have not sat and contemplated my life, for a few reasons:

  1. During my sabbatical last year I had a good 6 months to sit and contemplate my life, sit and think and stress and depress and linger, and well I vented about my sabbatical a while ago so this is not meant to be version 2.0.
  2. I got a new job. HURRAY! Jump for joy… only happiness in this human now
  3. This got me off to a very busy start, so busy in fact that I didn’t even know if I was coming or going.
  4. With this I have traveled extensively in the past three months: Botswana, Spain, Zambia, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Kenya.

So the start of the year for me has been a whirlwind, and although I have not had time for reflection on a personal basis based on the 4 points I have just mentioned. The travel has imparted its self to me as a distraction to life. A good distraction that has enabled me to learn a few valuable things.

The most fundamental value that I am able to take out of travel is that you are able to immerse yourself into another culture, something that is new and foreign to you. You are able take yourself out of your comfort zone and place yourself in situations that you wouldn’t normally back in your cushy home. I have heard the famous saying, “Your life begins at the end of your comfort zone” so that is your time to start living. I find such solace in this statement as I know all too well how easy it is to get caught up in a mundane routine, a routine that is not necessarily unpleasant or boring in the slightest; however it is the same and consistent.

(I am going to contradict myself here a bit because I have a whole head of thoughts wanting to explode with every word I write, my fingers can’t keep up, but please bear with me).

First let me explore the consistency of what I have called a ‘mundane’ life. Success is result of consistency and persistence. Practice makes perfect. Doing the same thing every day with a clear vision is the way to become an expert in your field, the way you gain an advantage over others and how you become a success. And I couldn’t agree more with this; however for argument sake you become and ‘expert’ and an absolute success at what you do… Then what? Find a new vision to create a new routine for? Possibly… Become a Joe of all trade and a master of all. Not a bad thing. But here is my burning question. WHAT ABOUT LIFE? Everything that happens in between of becoming a success.

So here is my second thought. Creating a distraction in your life from the consistency of routine to gain success is ultimately the key to success. Read that again and think about it. Imagine on your way to the top you open yourself up to something completely new, something that you would never even think of. What if this sparks an idea, what if it makes you think out the box, what if it makes you see life differently and what if you actually start seeing the real value of life? Imagine this distraction teaches you something about yourself that you didn’t know. How beautiful is that.

So may what if’s… I know this doesn’t faze a lot of people but the unknown takes my mind into another dimension where I either see the grass to be greener on the other side and I just have to see if for myself; or makes me realize that my grass is pretty darn green. This give me so much perspective. This makes me love life, and appreciate everything, from the morning breeze, my morning coffee, food, people, nature and most importantly the fact that I have the ability to explore.

Growing up I imagined myself traveling the world, exploring the most gorgeous cities in the world at my whim. I wasn’t interested to travel into Africa as I was naive to the beauty that we have, I always thought the grass was greener on the other side, ironically so. That anything out of Africa was the, be all of life. And don’t get me wrong, I have loved absolutely every bit of every place that I have visited. However this year as I found myself travelling extensively into Africa, something in me just seemed to tick. The uncapped potential we have in this land in vast.

So far I have enjoyed Nairobi, Kenya the most. Granted we stayed in the Villa Rosa Kempinski hotel, which is utterly divine. The staff were so polite, well-spoken and professional that it actually did give me an aura effect to my visit there. However what I fell in love with was the life in Kenya; it is the perfect example of the opportunity that lies in Africa. You are still able to see the natural beauty of the place, the lush greenery that gave it a jungle feel contrasted by the vast and dry open planes of the Serengeti. More so there is so much new development happening with influences from Asia that it truly made it a spectacle. You see how incredibly blessed we are with our lives and what we have, that it makes you realize that living a simpler life may not be that bad… but then again we get caught up in our routines and our quest for success that a life without the lushly ‘pretty’ things seems worthless to us. Funny that.

So that’s the thought for now…

Truly simply that complex…

Life is Perplexing

should would could did

Going through my blog posts I stumbled on this draft, a piece of my writing that I never published, because I couldn’t finish it. I am not entirely sure why I couldn’t finish it back then, but I feel that this was for a reason as there was doubt and curiosity in my words that I can now answer and finish. Although I hardly know it all or believe to have it figured out. However as I have been exposed to two extra years of life, of choices, of experiences, of emotions and the world; I have been able to explore who I am as a person. So what I can say for sure now is that:

  1. My life has been far from being a life defining routine of boredom and lack of self-realisation
  2. The person you are, the person you become and the person you want to be is not a static process that follows a positive incline graph but rather a chart that resembles the most risky investment stocks. Your personality is developed by the choices you make and thereon the lesson you learn from these experiences… One thing I have learnt is that you never have it all figured out because as our beautiful life is built on perplexing conundrums, you never know when your line will be up or down; it is your action thereafter that define how you handle situation when all good is lost and you feel yourself being sucked into a Blackhole. Do not ever give up. Fight for what you believe and what you want. It is never to late, and if it is meant to be the universe will assist you.

So here is my draft – I actually couldn’t believe how fitting it was to how I am feeing now..

“We have all been there once or more in our lives and will probably face the conundrum many more times in our life times. I do hope that life choices get easier with age and wisdom, but somehow I find myself doubting my own ideologies.

At this moment in my life I am faced with a variety of choices, each significantly different, each involve sacrifices and rewards and result are all contradistinctive. This conundrum is slowly feeding off my warm soul, draining me of my mental strength as I find myself staring at the ceiling at night trying to come to a concluding decision that will return the peaceful nights rest to my eyes, but it seems impossible at this moment.

So here I sit, finished with my honours degree, going to graduation next week, have a job, a stunning apartment and amazing people in my life… Seems like I got it all right? So why do I find myself not completely satisfied. I feel that I am curious about the world, I feel fear of being wrapped up in to a routine that eventually it will be all that I am.”

Since that point in my life I have traveled a bit of the world, been exposed to the best of life and to the worst of life. I have trusted and betrayed and I have betrayed people back. I have had the pleasure of falling in Love and unfortunately having my heart broken. I have made mistakes and learnt my lessons. I took risks and not all of them were worth it. I found myself in a place in my life I never imagined my self to ever be. I lost my mind and sight of who I was, I became selfish but ironically not to the benefit of myself but rather the detriment. I made a mistake that I fear will define me, but I am determined to not let that happen.

I want to find happiness, peace and love…. I was so close to finally feeling emotionally satisfied and fulfilled yet my selfishness took it all away. I am petrified I am getting engulfed by the Blackhole but this time around I won’t let it consume me. I will rise above and prove to myself and everyone that I am the person that I am known to be. I will not let this mistake define me, because that part of me that made that decision is a part of me I am not proud of and I will redeem myself for me.

I have been looking for a challenge, and this is one worth conquering.



attractive to wealth

As bloggers, we frequently browse the world wide web for inspiration… While on my usual monday motivational hunt I stumbled upon this article that really got me thinking and contemplating the way I live my life. Am I truly living or merely existing on a daily basis believing that I am inspired and inspiring but in reality am I really?

Time for a little analysis based on Tom Corley, Rich Habits — The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, where he outlines several habits that distinguish the wealthy and successful from the lesser.

1. Setting good daily habits.

Good habits are the foundation of wealth building. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people lies in their daily habits. Simply put, successful people have many good habits and few bad ones. If you understand that your bad habits may be preventing you from becoming wealthy, that realization will be the first step in your improving your circumstances.

In his book, Tom Corley invites you to take out a sheet of paper and list your bad habits in one column and then invert each one to place under a new column for good habits.
So I did:

I watch too much TV Try limit it to only 1hr a day (that means only 1 episode of my favorite series per day – massive challenge)
I don’t read enough (do internet articles count?) Read 1 book per month
I procrastinate…  A LOT Write a do to list with dead lines
I eat too much bread… love bread… with anything Cut it out for at least 30days and then reconsider how I feel
I am terrible at remembering names… sorry Say out loud, repeat, mentally associate with something (or just write it down – quite hard at a networking event, not very appealing having 20names on your hand)
I am an organized chaos… more chaotic… Reorganize everything… spring cleaning

I now need to follow this little list for 30 days… good luck! 

2. Regularly creating goals.

Successful people are goal driven. They create goals all the time. They plan their day the night before with to-do lists. People who are headed for success think for the long term. They have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. But what’s a goal without a plan to reach them? So not only do successful people have goals, they also come up with ways to achieve them and hold themselves accountable.

SO… I have plenty goals, my plans my have to be redefined though (oops, but at least I am changing some of my bad habits, one at a time)

3. Engaging in self-improvement daily.

Successful people are always looking for ways to improve themselves. They read every day and are students of their profession. They don’t spend their time on activities that don’t bring them closer to their goals.

“I recently attended an event hosted by author Brendon Burchard, who said he consistently blocks out time to create. Successful people like Burchard know that time is too valuable a commodity to waste. They spend their time on the things that will move the needle for them in their business: Being committed to self-improvement means you engage in activities every day that will stretch you.”

Seek ways to expand your knowledge. This won’t always be easy, but people grow from things that pose a challenge. Once your knowledge grows, opportunities appear.
Inspiring words… I need to start letting my creativity flow more, write more, think more and create more… Open up my mind to everything and just create.

4. Regularly taking care of personal health.

Each and every day successful people make an effort to eat right and exercise. Eating right is of utmost importance. Exercising daily can become a regular habit, just like taking a bath. People who exercise routinely have more energy to get things done.
How are you doing in this area?

Me… I exercise daily and eat well, besides my immense love of bread and carbs… Issue will be under control soon!

5. Often making time for relationship building.

People who are successful are other-people focused. They take time out of their day to strengthen the bonds of friendship and form long-lasting relationships with others. Networking is something they do all the time. They reach out to their contacts and look for ways to help them with no expectation of in return.

“The most beautiful sound on Earth, I once heard someone say, is your name. So make it a goal to learn the names of every contact you meet. Aren’t you impressed when someone remembers your name? I know I am. So stand out as different and start remembering names.”

On my to do list already…

6. Doing things in moderation.

You live in a balanced way if you do activities in moderation. This means having a balanced approach to work, eating, exercise, consuming alcohol, watching television, surfing the Internet and so forth. As a result, people will enjoy your company. If people like being around you, then you will be more apt to collaborate or find the new business partner that you need to take your business to the next level.

Something I try to live by, or more likely like to preach

7. Getting things done.

Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today: Accomplish things. All people have fears, but successful people push past them. They don’t procrastinate. They get the important things done, no matter the cost.

In Rich Habits, Corley explains that when the thought of putting off something enters the mind, immediately shed notion by saying, “Do it now.” He says repeat these words 100 times if necessary. Just don’t stop till the task is done. – I will have to repeat this to myself A LOT!

8. Keeping a positive outlook.

Consider the most successful person you know. Is that person positive or negative? Most likely this individual is positive, enthusiastic, energetic and happy. This person chooses to see the good in others and in himself or herself. To this person, problems are just opportunities waiting to be uncovered.

Every day people are bombarded by news of bad deeds and doings. Successful people minimize their exposure to this type of thing and instead opt to fill their minds with positive ideas from books and magazines.

9. Regularly saving money. 

According to Corley, successful individuals put away about 10 percent to 20 percent of their gross earnings in a savings, investment or retirement plan. Not everyone can afford to do so, but what percent are you putting away?

This is yet to be determined… Shmooz Events….

10. Rejecting self-limiting thoughts. 

Successful people command their thoughts and emotions. As soon as bad thoughts intrude, they cast out anything that challenges their ability to succeed at the task at hand. They do not dwell on negative notions. Their self-talk is positive and not overly critical. They replace bad thoughts with good ones. Because successful people engage in self-improvement daily and are constantly involved in positive things, they don’t allow themselves time to indulge in negative emotions.

Agreed, I tell myself I am awesome every day… #truestory

11. Living within means.

Wealthy people avoid overspending. Among many of those struggling financially, some are living above their means. They spend more than they earn, live from paycheck to paycheck and are drowning in credit-card debt. If this is you, resolve today to turn things around for you and your family.

12. Reading daily. 

Many successful people read 30 minutes or more every day. Reading can increase your knowledge and know-how. When you read, often  you are seeking to improve yourself. This automatically sets you apart from your counterparts. You will stand out from the competition.

Goal written down, 1 book per month… Any suggestions??

13. Limiting TV watching. 

Did you know that many successful  people limit the amount their TV time to one hour or less a day? How much time do you lose in front of the television that you could be spending doing something more productive?

#GUILTY , now I actually feel somewhat bad…. for myself…

14. Doing more than what’s required.

Successful people regularly go above and beyond the call of duty at work. Even if something is not in their job description, they will volunteer to do it. Wealthy people make themselves invaluable. As an entrepreneur, you may not have a boss. But in what ways do you go above and beyond for your clients? How do you wow them?

15. Talking less and listening more. 

When you listen, you learn. And as the adage goes, that’s why people have two ears and one mouth. When you take the time to really pay attention to what another person is saying, it can truly help not only you but your bottom line as well. When you listen, you are in a better position to help others.
I got this trait down….

16. Not giving up.

Don’t give up when the going gets tough. Successful people hang in there. They pivot. They try something new. They persist. They may have to change their direction, but they keep moving forward.

17. Spending time with like-minded ones. 

There’s a saying that goes, “Show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are.” I believe that. People are only as successful as those they choose to surround themselves with. Good associations can help you more quickly achieve your goals.

People with brain cells can stay 🙂

18. Finding a mentor.

Many people who have had a mentor have attributed their success to that person. Mentors can help you achieve your goals faster and keep you accountable. They can share valuable experience that can cut your learning time in half.

Any volunteers?

19. Knowing your why.

When you know why you’re doing something, you will get what you what quicker than if you don’t. Having a purpose is essential to being successful in business and in life. Why do you want to be successful? Why do you really want to be wealthy?

20. Not giving fear the upper hand. 

Everyone has fears. Successful people don’t allow their fears to limit or define them. Fear inevitably keeps you in the same position and stunts your growth. Recognize your fears and seek ways to overcome them. Interview someone you admire and ask that person how he or she overcame a fear or pick up an autobiography and take notes.

Does arachnophobia count as a relative fear to this??

21. Upgrading skills. 

If you want to get ahead, there’s only one way to do it: Become better at something than you are today. What’s the one thing you can focus on for the next 30 days that will catapult you to rock-star status in your industry? Focus your attention on that. I heard John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire define “FOCUS” like this: Follow one course until success. Will you?

I most certainly will try….

Monday motivational success tips to anyone interested.
Its simply that complex… We have the guide book and now we have to apply all that is being taught to us; application is the most difficult but it is what success requires. Determination, motivation, dedication, goals, positivity and a purpose to follow your why.

No more ranting and raving – Say hello to SHMOOZ EVENTS


No more ranting an raving, for now at least. Im sure a small pit fall may peer its head once in a while worthy of a rant; however for now welcome the good vibes and welcome my new venture into this glorious world.

In my previous post ‘Ranting and raving about the good stuff’; I mentioned that I am opening my own company, and I did. ‘happy-clappy-dance-wiggle’

SHMOOZ EVENTS, a one stop eventing agency focusing on creating the most memorable and hassle free corporate and private events that cater to all unique needs. Visit my website: to learn more and feel free to contact me or my team for any of your eventing needs. We are here to help and put a smile on your face while we schmooze the socks off of you, leaving you and your guests delighted. They sure wont be able to stop talking about you!

Web screenshot for FB

So here it is, I finally did it… Now the hard work and persistent personality will have to come into full force but in the end it most certainly will be worth it. Thank you to everyone who believed in me and motivated me, the best is yet to come.

Its simply that complex ❤

Wonders of the Universe – America Part 2 – NEW YORK, NEW YORK

This is me

Im generally feeling better and happier.. so it has motivated me to continue writing ❤

During my American stint, I mainly stayed in LA, West Hollywood to be exact, as I mentioned in my previous post; Wonders of the Universe – America Part 2 – 4th of July. However I experienced a short New Yorker thrill; although I only had the privilege to be in this glorious place for three days, they by most far were the best three days of the whole trip! ❤

NYCIFF 2013 venue Arriving in New York was a crazy rush, we had a million things to do and I had a million things to see. So every moment I took in, I breathed in and I smiled. While on the Plane to New York I promised myself these things: My stay is short, so make it 100% worth it, dress like a New Yorker, Party like a New Yorker (Sleep when we are dead, right?), try everything that you can, take all the lights of broadway in, walk the streets when you can, shop if you even manage to have the time, just do it all.

Let us just take a second to process this! This is me, a girl right out of varsity lands the job of a life time, her ultimate dream job a job filled with glitz and glamour a life in the film industry, first hand access to all things great all the thing us normal folk only get to see and experience years after the making. I have to say this but OMG, it was the best. (so now please take this into consideration when you read the rest of this post). I was a young girl living my dream!!!


NEW YORK BABY!!!! Yellow cabs! (never got the whistle right to actually get one to stop, but I tried non the less). We stayed at The Standard Hotel in New York (Downtown East). I put on my leather pants, sheer chiffon top, killer studded heels and I was ready for the adventure.

We went on meet and greets, and it literally felt as if we were taking New York by storm. We were getting permissions to shoot more movies IN New York; and access grated. We also got all sorts of invitations to all sorts of Gala dinners. I won’t lie, I felt famous. We even shared a touching moment as they explained their experience of seeing the twin towers go down in flames in 9/11, they saw the whole thing happen from their office. Literally something that sent chills down my spine.

NYIFF collage

Now the real excitement begins. Prep for the New York International Film Festival 2013 (NYCIFF 2013). So how is this for a potential scene out of Sex and the City. I, in all my manic-ness  (yes, this is not even a legit word, but I am owning it) of landing in the USA and just getting sucked up into an absolute whirlwind; I packed like a homeless person. Oops. So what does that mean? Shopping spree… In NEW YORK. Eek, Yes Please! But, as in any decent story there is always a catch; Mine… You have one hour! So here is the scenario, I have never been to New York and I have no time to even find some awesome New Yorker boutiques to find the most spectacular outfits, so I go to where i know never disappoints. ZARA. Massive 3 story store right in Times Square. I managed to get a few sales assistants to find me outfits, I pick one and buy it (I went for red because it was the first thing that caught my eye). Now part 2. I have to get my cute ass to the festival. Mission 2, stop that Cab! So, that wasted precious dress up time, eventually some poor guy decided to stop for this frantic girl. In the Cab I had to get changed, felt like i was a child again rushing to a sporting event after school. And then I arrived, and just my luck it starts to pour down with rain and all of a sudden the most insane hurricanish wind blast ice cold wind in all directions.. Thought I was going to fly! But needless to say i managed to make it in doors just in time before I got absolutely drenched.

As I arrive and meet the crew, we are immediately attacked by reporters and are all being interviewed, including myself. Yes, Im famous! I told you. Our movie, ‘Little One’, was the opening act; and the producer even had a one on one interview with the coordinators of the event. Check out this link —> click here.

After the festivities we heading out for a midnight dinner, but as it is New York, nothing ever sleeps (the name evades me). We eat, drink, and laugh.. naturally celebrating the success of the festival. 3am dawn upon us and the hotel room starts to wiser to me ever so gently. We call it a night, and better so as it was still pouring down with rain outside!


Good morning New York. Miraculously the weather is magnificent, and that only means breakfast on the roof top! I would absolutely love to describe the beauty of this day to all its extent but I choose not to bore you… So point breakdown, with pictures is what you getting. Just know its so much more than I am able to ever share or express. (Pictures are not in any specific order – I wish I could load them all but then this post would probably never open) Happy Viewing! ❤

image copy

The Iron Building


Macy’s . Enough Said

hot dog

New York Style Street Hot Dog in Times Square


New York Yellow Taxi’s


OOTD to roam the city

me and view

MY Breakfast view on the roof top of The Standard Hotel


Riding on the Top Deck of the Hop on Hop off buses. # BESTWAYTOVIEWAPLACEINASHORTTIME

brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn Bridge! So stunning with a sunset

Once again, I wish I could tell you all more; alas this is enough. I still got some stories about 6 flag amusement park, Universal studios, Paramount, and I cannot forget about Clint Eastwood. Yes I met him…. I keep telling everyone I am famous. 😉

Well for now my life really has been Simply That Complex. See you soon New York – we are not done yet. ❤